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I hereby apply for Membership in the Spartanburg Association of REALTORS®, Inc. I will attend orientation within 90 days of applying for   membership. Membership is final only upon approval by the Executive Committee and may be revoked should completion of requirements, such as orientation, not be completed within timeframe established in the association’s bylaws. Upon approval of my membership application, I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, which includes the duty to arbitrate (or to mediate if required by the association) and the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the above named Association, the State Association and the National Association, and if required, I further agree to satisfactorily complete a reasonable and non-discriminatory written examination on such Code, Constitutions, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.  I understand membership brings certain privileges and obligations that require compliance. I understand that I will be required to complete periodic Code of Ethics training as specified in the association’s bylaws as a continued condition of membership. In the event membership is denied, dues shall be refundable less prorated amount to cover number of days applicant received Association services.

NOTE:  Applicant acknowledges that if accepted as a member and he/she subsequently resigns from the Association or otherwise causes membership to terminate with an ethics complaint pending, the Executive Committee may condition renewal of membership upon applicant’s certification that he/she will submit to the pending ethics proceeding and will abide by the decision of the hearing panel.  If applicant resigns or otherwise causes membership to terminate, the duty to submit to arbitration continues in effect even after membership lapses or is terminated, provided the dispute arose while applicant was a REALTOR®.

 * Amount shown is prorated according to month joining unless membership was held the previous year. 


Application Fee:   Designated REALTOR/Principal Appraiser $325;  REALTOR/Secondary $225



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*Proration only applies for new applicants and applicants who did not hold REALTOR® membership in the prior calendar year.  Proration based on when applicant became licensed with Member office.

Dues are non-refundable.  

Dues Disallowance for Lobbying Deductions: Under 1993 Federal Tax Legislation, members are    

   advised that the following portion of their dues is a non‑deductible expense, directly attributed to the

   lobbying expenses of NAR, SCR and local Association:  NAR ‑ $55.00 and SCR ‑ $35.00 ‑ Total $90.00


This four (4) hour class is a requirement for new applicants for REALTOR® membership. Instructor will cover several topics during the class. Applicant must be present for entire class to receive credit for completing requirement. In addition to this training, applicants are also required to complete the NAR Code of Ethics Training online for new members. 

All new members are required to complete the training within 90 days of joining the Association.  The New Member Orientation classes are being offered virtually on the dates listed below.  Applicant will receive advance email notification with information about registering for the training.  Failure to complete these requirements will result in the applicant’s membership being denied.

2024 Scheduled Dates:          TBA

Virtual Training Class:           9:00am-1:00pm

Please make sure all information matches the information on your License from the State, including the Office Name and Address or your application will be declined.

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Please make sure all information matches the information on your License from the State, including the Office Name and Office Address or your application will be declined.

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